Wiseman’s Bridge

The hamlet of WISEMAN’S BRIDGE is straddles along a deep-sided wooded valley facing south towards a part rocky and part sandy beach. It is a great location to watch sea life or just sit and relax and watch the activities at sea. The land in this area was owned by an Andrew Wiseman in 1329. Consequently, the owner’s name was used as a place name. The hamlet was to become well-known during the Second World War. In 1943, Churchill visited the area as the allies practiced for the D day landings prior to the Normandy invasions. Wiseman’s Bridge has a good pub on the beach, caravan and camping sites and is a popular resort for visitors.

Photos courtesy of Kilgetty, Begelly, Stepaside & Pentlepoir Community Voice on FACEBOOK, Sarah Oliver Photography, Ellen Jane Thomas, PCNPA and Wiseman’s Bridge Inn.