Rosemary Tippett-Mawdsley is walking 1000 miles in a year for the Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust (20 January 2021 to 19 January 2022) because of the very valuable service it provides locally. £275 has been raised so far raised of the £1,000 target by 13 supporters.

 You can donate here: Rosemary Tippett Maudsley is fundraising for Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust (justgiving.com)

Rosemary’s story: “When the Leader of the Llanteg Walkers’Group wrote in to the local Community Council in January raising awareness of the 1000 mile challenge. I thought that was something I could take part in as I had already started doing a lot of walking during lockdown. However I also realised that 1000 miles is a long way and without an incentive I might fall by the wayside. Hence the reason to do it for charity. I decided upon the Wales Air Ambulance. 

The Charity is funded by the people of Wales and requires £8 million a year to keep its four helicopters in the sky, serving Wales and saving lives. The charity can be anywhere in Wales within 20 minutes, its doctors and medics fly the A&E department to the patient. It also runs the Children’s Wales Air Ambulance service, transferring vulnerable babies and children to the specialist hospitals across the UK. Your donations will help keep this vital service in Wales.

I started my walk on the 20January and I have been out every day since, in rain, hail, wind, snow and sun! I have seen some brilliant views, wonderful sunsets and spoken …..socially distanced of course to lots of people. If you see me on my travels please say hello. 

I have passed the halfway mark in my travels and now I need your support to spur me on to complete the 1000 miles and support the Wales Air Ambulance. Thank you”


Welcome back to Grow Fresh and hopefully another good year for flowers and home grown fruit and vegetables.

Share seeds, plants and any excess produce throughout the growing season, including home made chutneys and jams.

Clearly label anything you may leave on the shelves.

Check frequently to see what might be available.

It’s all free! No money involved.

Tell your friends and neighbours and encourage our children to take part.

We have permission to do this on the proviso that it is only garden seeds, plants and produce that is left in the shelter.

Pembrokeshire County Council Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has provided a further coronavirus update for Friday, 30th April, as follows:

‘Welcome to my weekly update

‘As I write we are heading into the bank holiday weekend, the start of May and looking forward to enjoying the outdoors once more.

‘Let us hope for a continuation of the good weather.  

‘It is clear and great to see that our county is re-opening and welcoming both visitors and our community back out to explore.

‘There is a real buzz around and long may it continue.

‘I’m very pleased to see and hear how our officers are reacting to the reopening and recovery and it has been wonderful to receive feedback from our residents and visitors.

‘I’m very aware that our front line officers continue to deliver exceptional service across the county and I want to personally thank them all. They play a huge role in ensuring our county is kept clean, tidy and open for everyone.

‘I’d also like to thank our partners as I’m very aware of the work they are doing to resource the reopening and recovery.

‘This collaborative working, including the support of our communities, is key both now and for the future and I’m pleased at how this is operating.

‘This weekend we are predicting a higher volume of visitors to our county and I’m sure the famous Pembrokeshire welcome will be out in force.

‘We know that a lot of residents and visitors will be keen to get out and about with their four-legged friends so I would ask everyone to please take note that the annual dog restrictions on some Pembrokeshire beaches come into force tomorrow, 1st May.

‘Pembrokeshire is a dog friendly county and we are promoting and encouraging responsible dog ownership so everyone can enjoy their day at the beach this summer.

‘I’d encourage everyone to have a read of the press release on this at: https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/newsroom/encouraging-responsible-dog-ownership-so-everyone-enjoys-their-day-at-the-beach

‘I’m pleased to say the Covid-19 situation continues to head in the right direction.

‘As I write no new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Pembrokeshire today and this has been the case several times over recent weeks. This is testament to all of our collective efforts. Thank you and keep going!

‘A further 23,515 first and second doses of the vaccine were delivered across the Hywel Dda region in the past seven days and Pembrokeshire now has 56.6% of the population who have received the first dose.

‘A further 24, 338 have received the second dose, or 19.3% of the county population.

‘I want to wish you all a lovely weekend and please note I will not be doing a Leader’s update next Friday due to the elections.’

Public Health Wales (PHW) publishes an interactive daily dashboard of data about coronavirus cases across Wales broken down by health board and local authority area, at: https://public.tableau.com/profile/public.health.wales.health.protection#!/vizhome/RapidCOVID-19virology-Public/Headlinesummary

PHW also provides a daily update focusing on key public health information and updates at: https://covid19-phwstatement.nhs.wales/

Information about coronavirus is available here on the Welsh Government’s website: https://gov.wales/coronavirus

Also, please keep an eye on our newsroom at: https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/newsroom

For service updates visit: https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/emergency-planning/service-changes

Please ask yourselves some simple questions:

·         Am I doing the right things?·         Am I helping to fight this virus?

·         Can I do more to stop the virus spreading?

Remember:         Stay at home.        Work from home if you can.

·         Wash Your Hands regularly.        Wear a mask when required.·     

And to get daily email updates, log onto our website and sign into My Account at:


Other useful links:

‘If you have Covid symptoms then you need to be tested. Call 119 to arrange a test or go to https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test   

The Community Hub can be contacted on 01437 776301 or by emailing communitycovid19@pembrokeshire.gov.uk.

At present the Community Hub’s hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, and 10am-2pm on Saturday.    

    Booking a COVID-19 test:

Hywel Dda University Health Board recommends testing only for those with a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or loss of or change in the sense of taste or smell.

If a child does not have symptoms of COVID-19 but has other cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, they do not need to be tested and they and you do not need to self-isolate. Your child can go to school if fit to do so.

If a COVID-19 test is required, this should be arranged via the UK Booking Portal, https://gov.wales/apply-coronavirus-test or by ringing 119. Testing is available within Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire or via a home testing kit delivered to and collected from your home. The COVID-19 test is undertaken via a throat swab or combined throat and nose swab.