URGENT: Bingo caller needed at Amroth Parish Hall, Summerhill to start on Friday 3rd April.   One hour per week; 8-9pm.

NEW CAR PARKING CHARGES FOR AMROTH COMMENCING 15th MARCH 2020……up to 30 minutes free but a ticket must be displayed.


351 (Tenby – Pendine) Bus Service – Proposed timetable change.
Concerns have been raised from a contractor regarding the financial viability of operating the 351 (Tenby to Pendine) bus service. Taf Valley Coaches are having a high number of vehicle damages on this route due to the nature of the roads. During the winter months when passenger numbers are very low, they have said that the service is not breaking even and they are going to have to hand back the contract. Pembrokeshire County Council have explained that they cannot provide any additional funding due to the reduced budget for passenger transport services. However, they have suggested that removing the last three journeys during the months of November, December, January and February would enable them to save sufficient staff and fuel costs to make the service sustainable.
Below is the current timetable with the proposed journeys to be removed shown with a red line through them.

ROAD WORKS: In order to carry out general carriageway maintenance works between East Williamston and Old Amroth Road TRA477, it is proposed to provide a temporary 10mph speed limit (for convoy working) /40mph speed limit & prohibition of overtaking to protect the workforce . The work is programmed to be undertaken from 6 January 2020

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