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Draft Minutes of meeting held by Amroth Community Council on Thursday 20th January 2022 online via Zoom.

Councillors present:  T Baron; A Cormack; A Evans; F Evans; R Harries (Vice Chair); M Harvey; J James; M Morris; S Phillips (Chairman).  R Tippett Maudsley.

In attendance: Mrs Kathryn Bradbury (Clerk); R Lake. 

Apologies:  B Mills, P Davies.

Declaration of Interest.  None

Chair’s Welcome

The Chairman welcomed all Councillors to the meeting. 

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 16th December 2021 were agreed as a true record. 

Proposed by Cllr. Roger Harries

Seconded by Cllr. Tony Baron 

Cllr. Phillips printed off a copy of the December Minutes and signed them on completion of the meeting.

Prior to the meeting resident Mr R Lake updated Councillors on a site meeting he had with PCC Highway Officers regarding the poor finish on Chapel Lane following recent resurfacing. Mr Lake pointed out issues including 

  1. The ditch at the junction with Amroth Road, which was filled in during resurfacing, so water now streams across the road following rain. This is dangerous on icy mornings.
  2.  Tarmac up to and over the grass verge at the road edge, so the road is already breaking up here 
  3. The height of the road means water runoff into residents’ property, plus poor threshold finish on drives causing the road to break up
  4. Poor quality of the surface on Chapel Lane compared to Amroth Road

PCC Officers have agreed to address the issues and to map the drains through the village and to try to improve drainage generally. 

Amroth Community Council are grateful to Mr Lake for raising this issue.

1.Matters Arising

  • John Nicholas at JJ Morris has been contacted to provide a valuation on Amroth Memorial Gardens. A public notice will be published in the Tenby Observer on 21st January, the newsletter, on Facebook and on the community notice boards. Comments on the proposed disposal of the land should be addressed to the Clerk.
  • Beach access at the New Inn end. The PCC Coastal Engineer has responded to emails from ACC to say PCC are aware of the access issues and are trying to address them

2.County Councillors Report 

Provisional Local Government Settlement for2022-23

Just before Christmas the Welsh Government published its Provisional Local Government Settlement for 2022-23. The full effect of this Settlement on Pembrokeshire County Council’s Draft Budget for 2022-23 is still being assessed. However, the impact of the Settlement, which is unlikely to be changed significantly with the publication of the Final Settlement in March, substantially reduces the County’s projected funding gap compared with earlier estimates. The settlement across Wales saw an increase of 9.4% and the announced increase in Pembrokeshire’s funding   was in line at 9.4% or £16.8 million. The Draft Budget presented to Council at the beginning of December assumed a 4% increase in Welsh Government funding, giving rise to a funding gap of £18.6 million. This funding gap now looks being £10.2 million, taking into account the need to provide a real living wage for care workers under Welsh Government directives. 

Cabinet is still recommending a 5% increase in Council Tax for 2022-23, which will be decided by the Council Meeting on 3 March. Difficult decisions on the provision of services and the level of Council Tax against a background of rising inflation remain, despite the better-than-expected settlement. I would welcome comments from ACC members and Ward residents in general on what they view would be a fair level of Council Tax, bearing in mind our need to educate the young and provide both adult and child social care.

In past years Cllr Bob Kilmister, the Cabinet Member for Finance, has kindly attended meetings in Amroth, to explain his draft budgets and answer questions. Please be aware that Bob has suffered a mild stoke just at the time of intense work pressure, amending the Draft Budget to take into account the Provisional Settlement. I am sure we would all wish him well. 

Extraordinary Council Meeting 1 February

On 13 January the Auditor General of Wales issued a report concerning deficiencies in Pembrokeshire County Council’s governance and decision-making relating to the departure of the authority’s former Chief Executive. The report provides the findings of the investigation by Audit Wales into the Settlement Agreement, including a termination payment, entered into in August 2020. The Extraordinary Council Meeting will consider the report and recommendations and consider any action it must take as a result of the report and whether to accept the recommendations made. 

6 Wesley Close

Mr. William Bramble, PCC’s Chief Executive, accepted the invitation to see the problems at 6 Wesley Close that was issued and reported on in December. Mr. Bramble was due to visit Wesley Close at the beginning of January but, because of a number of pressures, has been forced to postpone his visit until the middle of February.


21/0721/PA. Old Stable Cottage, Llanteg. SA67 8QA. Proposal, Barn Conversion to two holiday lets. This application has been conditionally approved

21/0808/PA. Landsdowne, Llanteg. SA67 8PU. Proposal, Extensions and Alterations. Following notification by email, Councillors had no objection to this application. A comment of No Objection was submitted.

21/0153/PA The Haven, Pleasant Valley, Narberth, SA67 8NY.  Proposed Development: Replacement Dwelling. 

This correspondence is to inform you an appeal has been made to PEDW in respect of the above site. This appeal is to be decided on the basis of written representation.  Any comments already made at the application stage will be sent to PEDW. If you wish to send additional comments to the inspector, they can be sent via and must be submitted by 27th January 2022. Any comments submitted after this date will not be taken into consideration. Planning documents can be viewed via the Local Planning Authorities website.

NP/21/0736/FUL, Jakar, Wisemans Bridge, Saundersfoot. SA67 9AU. Proposal, Part demolition, alterations and extension to existing residential property to create 1 additional holiday letting apartment. Construction of new retaining wall on boundary adjoining public highway and associated external works.  Amroth Community Council have no objection in principle but will highlight some points of concern in their comments.

Delegated Authority and planning decisions.

Cllr. Cormack highlighted that normally planning applications are currently decided by delegated authority, especially since Covid. He proposed that any application that the Community Council deemed contentious should be removed from delegation and decided by the full planning committee. Councillors supported this proposal and asked County Councillor Baron to relay this to PCC Planning Committee.


Guidance for Community and Town Councils

 Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021: Community and Town Councils statutory guidance | GOV.WALES

 This consultation is seeking views on draft statutory guidance for community and town council.

 This is a written, electronic consultation. Please respond by completing the consultation response form or emailing . The consultation closes on 17 March 2022 


Members of the public can now easily view the public rights of way they have access to within their locality and further afield in Pembrokeshire, thanks to a new interactive map. Known as the definitive Public Rights of Way map, it allows users to view footpaths and bridleways throughout the county, as well as restricted byways and byways open to all traffic.

It can be viewed on Pembrokeshire County Council’s website at:

A useful feature is that if users click on a path, it will show its ID number and so if they have any concerns or want to discuss a path they will have the ID number to hand. It will also show them if there has been any modification to the path since the consolidated definitive map was produced in 2012.  

If you have queries, please contact the Definitive Map Officer and Conservation Assistant on

Tina Cunningham – Beach Art, has written to ask if she can run a couple of beach art workshops on Amroth beach during the summer. Her plan is to apply for grant funding and ask ACC to match fund. Councillors welcome the initiative but would like an estimate of likely costs before final agreement.

-From Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has written in relation to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons, which are due to be lit on the evening of the 2nd June 2022. The RICS has historically lit an ‘anchor chain’ of beacons in celebration of Her Majesty as part of previous Jubilee celebrations, and are very much hoping to do so again.

One of the sites within the anchor chain is at Amroth Beach.  RICS will provide a gas beacon so there is no damage to any site, and a volunteer to light it. Members of the local community are welcome to attend.

Amroth Community Council have no objection to this request.

Outdoor Connections Fund – January 2022 – Funding Opportunity!!

Apply now for Capital funding of up to £1,500 for communities wishing to improve outdoor spaces helping older people, including through multi-generational groups, to meet and benefit from those spaces. Projects must show that their main beneficiaries are Pembrokeshire residents and communities. 

Who can apply: Constituted voluntary and community groups and social enterprises, town and community Councils, Churches, Chapels and Places of Worship which can show evidence of wider community benefit. Eligible applicants may apply on behalf of less formal groups.

Deadline: Friday 28th January 2022 Funds must be spent by: 31st March 2022. Contact PAVS for the application pack by email, download from the Funding Advice Service Padlet

Pembrokeshire Public Services Board’s consultation on its draft Well-being Assessment 2022 is now live and can be accessed via the following link;  The closing date for the consultation is Monday 21st February 2022.

RE: Pembrokeshire County Council Local Development Plan Review LDP2 Timetable and Process Update

Key information:  

∙ LDP 2 Timetable is delayed   

∙ There will now be a 2nd Deposit Plan consultation in the future 

∙ PCC are publishing 3 new Candidate Sites for consultation 

∙ The Candidate site consultation runs until 16th March 2022

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s consultation on its draft Well-being Objectives is now live and can be accessed via the following link;

The closing date for the consultation is 4 March 2022.

5.Finance as of 30th December 2021

Account 649 – £3575.64

Account 856 – £15,094.66

David Rees – £1406.83  


Grant income from EP £2300

Interest -38p


Clerk’s wages

Wycraft plaque £45.00

Rent for Summerhill Play Area £70

SLA payment to PCC for play equipment inspection £615

Paul Turpin – removal of broken seat £120 inc VAT

Paul Turpin- installation of memorial seats £ 1980 inc VAT

Renewal of SLCC membership £112 see email to you today

Public Notice re memorial Garden in Tenby Observer £72.00 inc VAT

Cost of QR codes for Exercise Jantzen -£960

Payment of £440.40 to Sign speed to install the interpretive panel for Exercise Jantzen

All Payments were agreed  

6.To discuss and resolve asset and ward maintenance issues

  • The notice board in Summerhill is in good condition and can be relocated to Pleasant Valley once the clerk has agreement from PCC. The Notice Board in Amroth is rotten and needs replacing. The Clerk will obtain quotes. 
  • The Grit Bin at Staggers Hill needs refilling. Clerk will contact PCC.
  • Two potholes need reporting in Stepaside, one on Birds Lane and one by Heritage Park.
  • The wall opposite Miners Inn Cottage, Stepaside was knocked down by a car several years ago and has not been repaired, despite a previous request to Heritage Park. Residents ask that PCC as landowners apply pressure to get the wall repaired.
  • The retaining wall at Sea View, Wisemans Bride now has a significant bulge. Its failure will significantly affect the road and so will be reported to PCC Highways.

7.To discuss and resolve the lease of Summerhill Play Area grounds from PCC

Helen McLeod Baikie has now offered to renew the lease, with the Council remaining responsible for the grass cutting until 2038, subject to approval of grounds maintenance.  This would relieve the County Council of the cost of generating an invoice, it would deal with the use of the current access and enable the community to secure funding for improvements etc. 

Following discussion, the Clerk will invite Ms McLeod Baikie to attend the February meeting to clarify certain points before any new agreement is considered.

8.To discuss and resolve possible changes to seasonal dog restrictions on Amroth beach

Councillors have each forwarded their opinion on the current restrictions to the clerk with some suggesting revisions to improve compliance by the public. These have been collated by the Chairman. The Blue Flag Status of the beach requires dog restrictions to be in place at all times during the season. Cornwall operate a times restriction with dogs having access before 10 am and after 6 pm on their Blue Flag Beaches, which is clear to users. This would require a change to the current beach byelaws, however PCC have no appetite for this as it will require a full consultation. It was agreed that

  1. Restrictions are needed for health and safety of swimmers and children
  2. The current map showing restrictions at Amroth is wrong and need amending before the season starts
  3. Access must be improved at the New Inn end of the beach
  4. Enforcement needs to be effective
  5. A survey would be sent out to residents via the Newsletter and Facebook to ask for their opinions.

9. To Discuss recruiting a Youth Representative

It was agreed that the Clerk will write to Greenhill School and Dyffryn Taf School to ask if any sixth form pupils, living in or near to the Amroth ward, are interested in joining the Council as a youth representative.

10.Report By Amroth and District Community Association

The hall is in regular use. Booking enquiries should be directed to Mr Roy Lewis. There are a number of clubs using it including Kick Boxing, Table Tennis, Sewing group and a Church group meeting

11. Report by Llanteg Village Hall Committee

  • The Hall AGM is to be held on Wednesday 2nd February 2022 at 7.00 pm in the Hall
  • A talk on Hydroponics will take place on Jan 28th in the Hall at 7 pm. Cost is £2 per person. Please let Roy James know if you will be attending on 01834 831468
  • Defibrillator Training will take place at the Coffee morning on Friday 28th January between 10.30 am and 12 noon. Contact Sue James to book 01834 831468
  • The Gardening Club have carried out extensive maintenance work in Crunwere Church yard.
  • There will be a walk in the St Clears area on Saturday 29th January, contact Jill Roberts on 01834 831142

12 .Report by Play Area Representatives


  • The Play area reps will be meeting with PCC inspection Team following the annual inspection to discuss reporting methods and any issues identified.
  • Quotes are being obtained for inspections from other suppliers 
  • The board to help non-verbal children communicate will be installed soon

13.Project ideas and Updates

Amroth Free Wifi – The agreement with PCC has still not been received and is holding up the installation of the equipment. Cllr. Baron will speak to PCC Legal to try to speed up the process.

Exercise Jantzen – Cllr. Harvey has now ordered the interpretation board and it should be installed in February.  Help is needed to draft the text (historic information) for the QR code trail. Contact Cllr. Harvey or the Clerk to get involved.

Milestone Markers – no update from CADW to date. The Clerk will contact CADW.

Replace the Multi Play in the play area, Summerhill – A full application has been submitted to EPF and has been approved subject to Cabinet approval.

Film club – A full application has been submitted to EPF for funding support and has been approved subject to cabinet approval. Cllrs. will reach out to the Hall committee to discuss practicalities.

Allotments – A Survey will be drafted to gauge interest and sent out to the Newsletter contacts. Cllr Cormack will also contact Llanteg Gardening Club who have a similar interest in the provision of Allotments.

Seats in Summerhill and historic interpretation panel – The Clerk will get quotes

Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch- This will be discussed after the May Elections. Can be added to the Survey to gauge interest.

14.Community matters –  

  • Cllr. James proposed a permanent memorial be set up to commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee and celebrate 1000 years of the Monarchy. He suggested planting some of the queen’s favourite tree species in the wards. This will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

15.Determine matters Councillors wish to be added for discussion at the next meeting

  • Please send through matters for discussion to the Clerk by Thursday February 10th 2022.
  • Queens Jubilee Memorial

Date of next Meeting is Thursday 17th February 2022.

This will be held Via Zoom Anyone wishing to observe please contact the Clerk . Virtual attendance will be possible via zoom.

The meeting closed at 21.26pm

If you would like to be kept informed as to information regarding matters affecting the parish, road closures, public consultations, sea defences etc please email the clerk and you will be put on our secure mailing list (GDPR compliant).