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Amroth Community Council meets 11 times per year (currently online via Zoom). The meetings are public and if you would like to attend as an observer, please email me the clerk at and she will send you the link to join.  December – probably 16th – out of usual sequence because of Christmas.

Draft Minutes of meeting held by Amroth Community Council on Thursday 19th August online via Zoom.

Councillors present:   T Baron; A Cormack; P Davies; A Evans; F Evans; R Harries(Vice Chair) ; M Harvey; J James;  M Morris; R Tippett- Maudsley.  

In attendance: Mrs Kathryn Bradbury (Clerk); Vicki Connop.

Apologies: S Phillips; B Mills, F Evans; R Lake

Declaration of Interest. None

Chair’s Welcome

Vice Chairman Cllr. Roger Harries took the Chair and welcomed all Councillors to the meeting. He congratulated Cllr Mills on her appointment as Specialist Lay Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales and gratitude that she will continue in her role as Community Councillor at this time.

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 22nd July 2021 were agreed as a true record. 

Proposed by Cllr. Rosemary Tippett Maudsley

Seconded by Cllr. Tony Baron

Cllr. Harries printed off a copy of the July Minutes and signed them on completion of the meeting.

  1. Matters Arising
  • An old copy of the beach byelaws has been obtained showing that horses are limited to before 10 am and after 6 pm on Amroth Beach. This has been sent to PCC for verification to ensure it has not been amended since.
  • Road speed monitoring equipment has been deployed for a short time across the ward to evidence average speed on roads where vehicle speed is a concern. 
  • Domestic rubbish filling street bins in Amroth. PCC have requested photograph evidence to support enforcement action.
  • Cllr Harvey has secured free online toolkits to guide play following attendance at a Play Wales Seminar.
  • Parking wardens will increase visits to Amroth to deal with obstructive or illegal parking on double yellow lines.
  1. County Councillors Report 

I have written to Cllr. Paul Miller, Cabinet Member for the Economy about the current inadequate train service provided by Transport for Wales for Pembrokeshire residents, asking him to take up the issue with the company. As yet I have had no reply but my past conversations with him assure me that he is keen for a better rail service for Pembrokeshire.

I have written to Richard Brown, Interim Chief Executive, asking why the Building Maintenance Department will not give paint to ACC members to paint the Bus Shelter in Summerhill. This seems to go against Cabinet policy to encourage town and community councils to take a more active role in the upkeep of their local environment. As yet I have had no reply.

Following contact from a concerned resident I have written to Cllr David Simpson, PCC Leader, to ask him to confirm that snares are not allowed to be used on Council land. Snares are indiscriminate and can cause prolonged suffering for both wild and domestic animals. Cllr. Simpson has asked Richard Brown to investigate. As yet I have had no confirmation that snares are not used on Council land. If no confirmation is forthcoming, I will submit a Notice of Motion to the next Full Council meeting asking for snares to be banned on Council land.

Another resident has raised the issue speeding farm contractors asking for the whole of Trelessy Road to be designated a 30 mph area. Before raising this matter with PCC I would like guidance from ACC. Agreed. Councillors support this action.

I attended the Ultrafast Broadband seminar set up by Mark Harvey on 16 August. This was a very useful meeting. One main takeaway from the seminar was that anyone who does a self-assessment tax return can register as a business. I know a number of self-employed people in the Ward who have registered as domestic customers not as businesses. It is important that they register as businesses as the grant afforded to the area is £7,000 for a business but only £3,000 for a domestic customer.

  1. Planning

20/0585/PA. Land adjacent to fern Villa, Llanteg, SA67 8QA. Proposal:  Demolition of outbuildings & construction of new house.  This application was refused

21/0153/PA The Haven, Pleasant Valley. SA67 8NY. Proposal; replacement dwelling. This application has been refused

21/0182/PA Merrifields, Amroth, SA67 8NW. Proposal; Demolition of existing house and annex and construction of a new dwelling with outbuildings and associated landscaping. This application has been approved.

21/0382/PA Carousel, Summerhill, SA67 8NS. Proposal, Erection of a garage. This application has been approved.

21/0266/PA Thorny Bush, Rosemary Lane, Ludchurch. SA67 8JY. Proposal; Use of existing log cabin for holiday let purposes and erection of a garden room. Comments by 23rd August 2021. No Objection

Meadow House Caravan Park

PCNPA have responded to say that there were no planning issues with the field clearance or cutting the neighbours hedge for them. There is a planning application in and pending at the moment NP/21/0085/FUL. 

21/0382/PA. 18 Summerhill, Stepaside, Narberth, SA67 8LX. Proposal, Erection of a dwelling. Comments by 26th August 2021

A discussion took place as several objections have been received. Councillors do not believe all the points, that resulted in a refusal last time, have been addressed. An objection will be submitted.

21/0372/PA Cheriton, Wesley Close, Pleasant Valley. SA67 8NT. Proposal, Replace and enlarge conservatory at the front of the property. Comments by 1st September 2021. No Objection.

  1. Correspondence
  • Road speed. A resident has written again expressing concern regarding the speed of cars through Summerhill. Agreed; the Clerk will respond, and outline actions being taken to try to reduce speed.
  • Fire stations – Safe Havens. Any member of the public, including children and young people can go to a fire station if they feel unsafe in any situation or call 999 if the crew is out and immediate help is needed.
  • Better signage. A resident from Church View, Summerhill has written to request better signage to Amroth to prevent the number of cars overshooting the junction and turning in Church View. With the current increase in tourists in the area this is occurring over 20 times per day.

Agreed; Councillors agreed that the sign is not fully visible to drivers until it is too late to turn and would be better moved. The Clerk will contact PCC regarding this.

  • The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales has issued a draft consultation and proposals of the remuneration framework for Community and Town Councils, together with a covering letter from the Chair, Mr John Bader.  The report is also on the IRP website at Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales  

The Panel would welcome and appreciate comments or observations on the proposals by 27 August 2021 via: Email:

  • The Community Ownership Fund has been set up to help communities preserve at risk assets of benefit to the local community. The Clerk has all the details. 
  • Residents have written to ask if some roads in the wards could be cut later to preserve the environment for wildflowers and wildlife. Agreed; Road safety is paramount both for the visibility for drivers and safety for walkers who need to step off the road. It may be possible to take a smaller cut on some roads or identify roads where late cutting could be an option. The Community Council is supporting a policy of wildflower planting. A project is underway to introduce wildflowers at sites across the ward in conjunction with PCNPA. Also, the community gardens have been planted up to encourage wildflowers and pollinators. 
  • The Queens Platinum Jubilee. The Guide To Taking Part in The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons has been updated and can be viewed and downloaded from –   Agreed; Add to a future agenda for discussion
  • Health and Social care. During autumn 2021, the Health and Social Care Committee will be considering its strategic approach and forward work programme. In order to take into account what you think the most important issues are, the Committee is consulting on its priorities for the Sixth Senedd.

In particular, the Committee would like to hear what you think about:

1. The initial priorities for the Sixth Senedd identified by the Committee (Visible via the link above)

2. What other key priorities the Committee should consider during the Sixth Senedd in relation to: health services, social care and carers, and COVID recovery. The consultation closes at 16.00 on 17 September.

  • Request from Welsh Government for Bertie the Sea Bass to attend a 2day event in the International Convention Centre in Newport on the 27th and 28th October 2021 called Blas Cymru/Taste Wales.  The theme overall theme is “Sustainability” etc. Agreed; Councillors have agreed Bertie can attend. The Clerk will respond regarding transportation and costs.
  • A consultation has been launched with Welsh Government working with One Voice Wales on Town and Community Council responses to a consultation on the draft Local Elections (Principal Areas) (Wales) Rules 2021 and draft Local Elections (Communities) (Wales) Rules 2021. The Clerk has all the information.
  1. Finance as of 30th July 2021

Account 649 – 22,660.26

Account 856 – £15,193.90

David Rees – £1358.23 inc income £24.01 


£300 – balance for bench

£5k Precept


Clerk’s wages   

Payments for the new playground project.

Wyndrush Wild -£206 inc VAT has been paid for wildflower seeds, ref agreement in July Minutes.

Expenses Martin Morris for repairs to the Multi play in Summerhill Play Area – amount to be calculated

All Payments were agreed  

Audit Notice of Electors rights has been posted on line at and posted on all community notice boards.

  1. To discuss and resolve Asset and ward maintenance issues
  • An increase in dog fouling in Stepaside has been reported by Cllr. Mills. She has asked if a dog poo bag dispenser and bin could be installed in the village. Also, the bin by the bus stop was removed as it was being filled with domestic waste. The Clerk has requested it be returned Agreed; There are dog poo bag dispensers along the tramway in Heritage Park. The Clerk will write to ask who is responsible for them.
  • Road maintenance. Another large hole has appeared on the road opposite the toilets by Amroth Castle Caravan Park. It has been railed off. Agreed; Cllr Baron to investigate when work will be carried out.
  • PCNPA have said a new directional sign to the car park will be installed soon, following removal of the old one.
  1. Report By Amroth and District Community Association

The hall is open, and clubs have resumed. Cllr Tippet Maudsley thanked Cllrs Morris and Harvey for all the work carried out to repair the multi play in the play area and for the installation of the new play equipment.

  1.   Report by Llanteg Village Hall Committee

The hall is open, and clubs have resumed. 

  • The slate chippings have been laid in the Old School Garden and the Pollinator Project started in conjunction with PCNPA. Fruit Trees, and Wildflowers are being planted and a bug hotel installed.
  • Coffee Morning will resume in person in the hall. Masks must be worn and Covid rules followed.
  • The hall has received funding from the Coop for improvements.
  • 1st September is the closing date for entries to the virtual show of Gardening, Art, Craft and Photography. To enter contact or contact Sue James on 01834 831468
  1. Report by Summerhill Play Area Representatives
  • The Chairman expressed the gratitude of the council to Cllrs Harvey and Morris for all the work that has been carried out to install the new play equipment and repair the multi play. 
  • The Multi play is now back in use following repairs advised by the Playground Inspector. Work has started on sourcing funds for a replacement. 
  • The new equipment has been well received by users and is attracting families from neighbouring wards. All the manuals and maintenance information are stored with the Clerk on One Drive.
  • The new signs are now in place.
  • The grass has been cut by contractors. ACC are grateful for the care taken around the new equipment and safety flooring.
  • A replacement fence will be installed in due course.
  • Positive Confirmation reports following visual monitoring are still needed from PCC to comply with insurance terms. Agreed; The Clerk will set up a meeting with PCC Officers to discuss monitoring and reports
  1. To Discuss and Resolve responsibility for the small play Area in Stepaside

PCC has posted a public notice under the Local Government Act 1972 Section 123(1), (2A) stating their intention to dispose of the area currently used as a Play Area (in Stepaside) for Garden Land. Objections relating to the proposed disposal should be made in writing and addressed to the Chief Property Officer, Pembrokeshire County Council, County Hall, Haverforwest. SA61 1TP or sent via email to no later than 5 pm on 27th August 2021.

The area has been maintained in recent years by Cllr A Evans.

Agreed; The Clerk will write to PCC objecting to the disposal of this community asset. It is the only play area in walking distance for Stepaside and Pleasant Valley and contributes to the wellbeing of the community. The play equipment is in good condition. The Community Council will request that responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep be transferred to the Community Council.

  1. Ultrafast broadband Update
  • PCC report an increase in interest in the Amroth wards, but more is still needed to attract a service provider. It is likely that sometime in the next 5 years the current superfast copper lines will be decommissioned in favour of the Ultrafast Broadband infrastructure. This will affect landline telephone as well as broadband service. 
  • Current users in other project areas are receiving 100mb service for £20/month.
  •  A team from PCC will visit door to door, starting week of 23rd August 2021, to explain the project and encourage people to express an interest. PCC Officers will be clearly recognisable with branded clothing and ID. 
  • Installation will take place over the next 18 months.
  • A Service Supplier choice meeting will be held at the end of September. No cost is involved until households sign up to a supplier. Agreed; ACC will post again on Facebook to encourage interest.
  1. Project ideas and Updates

Amroth Free Wifi – Installation has been delayed and is now due to take place in time for next Summer. A key issue is agreeing a formal agreement with PCC. Cllr Cormack has drafted one and sent it to PCC for comments.

Exercise Jantzen – work on the interpretation board is ongoing

Historic road Signs Project – No further update

Wildflower Project – Preparation work is taking place in Summerhill on the 20th August and planting on the 23rd August.

Milestone Markers – The Clerk is pursuing this.

Update from planning meeting

Several ideas were discussed at the meeting and a short list drawn up including

  • Replace the Multi play in the play area, Summerhill
  • Look into restarting a film club
  • Continue to identify sites for wildflower planting/ Village in Bloom
  • ‘Happy to Chat’ Seats around the wards
  1. Community matters
  • The Welcome Visitor team are carrying out regular litter picks in Amroth. They report that most people are respectful of the dog restrictions and that PCC vans are patrolling regularly to discourage obstructive parking in the village.
  • Discussion continues with PCC re adjustments to bus timetables to improve the service across the wards. Cllr Harvey and Cllr Baron are also pursuing better connection for trains to South Pembrokeshire.
  • The Stone Bridge is still not repaired at Wisemans Bridge. The Clerk will request an update.
  • The Tap is still not working outside the toilets in Amroth. The Clerk to contact PCNPA again.
  • A Digital Over 50’s forum has been set up and they are looking for members of the community to join to support other members to improve their digital skills.  
  1. Determine matters Councillors wish to be added for discussion at the next meeting
  • Please send through matters for discussion to the Clerk by Thursday September 16th 2021.
  1. Date of next Meeting is 23rd September 2021

This will be held in the large hall in Summerhill. Anyone wishing to observe please contact The Clerk . Virtual attendance will be possible via zoom.

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm

If you would like to be kept informed as to information regarding matters affecting the parish, road closures, public consultations, sea defences etc please email the clerk and you will be put on our secure mailing list (GDPR compliant).

Draft Minutes of meeting held by Amroth Community Council on Thursday 22nd July online via Zoom.

Councillors present:   T Baron; A Evans; F Evans; R Harries(Vice Chair) ; M Harvey; J James; B Mills;  R Tippett- Maudsley.  

In attendance: Mrs Kathryn Bradbury (Clerk); R Lake; Shelley Connop, Maria Goddard.

Apologies: S Phillips; P Davies; A Cormack; M Morris

Declaration of Interest. None

Prior to the meeting Maria Goddard, Broadband Engagement Officer at PCC, addressed councillors on the Superfast Broadband project taking place in Pembrokeshire.

Chair’s Welcome

Vice Chairman Cllr. Roger Harries took the Chair and welcomed all Councillors to the meeting. 

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 17th June 2021 were agreed as a true record. 

Proposed by Cllr. Tony Baron

Seconded by Cllr. Fleur Evans

Cllr. Harries printed off a copy of the June Minutes and signed them on completion of the meeting.

  1. Matters Arising
  • A bid has been submitted to the Traffic and Highways Community Fund for traffic calming measures. Speed measurement equipment has been deployed in the ward at several locations.
  • PCNPA have been asked again to turn on the water to the tap outside the toilets in Amroth
  • Communication is ongoing with PCC regarding land close to Summerhill Estate that has been suggested for additional parking. 
  • Potholes on Chapel Lane and subsidence in Amroth were reported. The potholes have yet to be filled.
  • Following a query, byelaws confirm horses are allowed on the beach.
  1. County Councillors Report

Waste Recycling

The Waste Recycling Group, of which I am a member, met today and received some heartening news. According to preliminary figures PCC is currently recycling 73% of all waste in the county meeting Welsh Government targets. Pembrokeshire is not only the best county for recycling in Wales but also in the whole of the UK. Unlike some counties, Pembrokeshire managed to maintain its waste collection service throughout the lockdown to the great credit of PCC staff who showed remarkable flexibility.

Owing to financial pressures the service is being asked to save £500,000 in the coming financial year. As a consequence, a review is being undertaken as to whether the county needs 6 recycling centres or whether the opening times of the least-used centres should be cut. Our nearest recycling centre at Crane Cross, is very modern, heavily used and would not appear under threat of closure. Nevertheless, I would recommend that residents respond to the consultation on waste recycling centres currently underway to let their views be known.

Budget pressure and Council Tax for 2022-23

I attended the Members Budget Seminar on 2 July, which is the start of the process that will determine the Council Tax rate for 2022-23. Largely due to WG grants, the outturn for 2020-21 was a small underspend of about £1.1 million. The current year has continuing pressure but for 2022-23 the outlook is for a funding gap of £16.6 million. This will involve considerable cost savings by services. A substantial majority of Councillors present were in favour of a 3.75% or higher Council Tax increase next year bearing in mind the need to protect the education and social care services. A 3.75% tax increase would raise about £2.5 million.

Second Home Charge and the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant Scheme

The Second Home Charge and the council’s policy towards vacant properties is currently the subject of a public consultation, which ends on 26 July. I would urge those who have not yet responded, to do so. The aim of PCC’s policy has been to bring vacant homes into occupation and to fund affordable housing projects. Some of the money raised from the second homes charge has funded the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant scheme. This is currently under review. There is pressure for there to be a single community pot to fund approved local projects rather than to award pots of money to Wards according to the number of second homes in the ward. I believe that those wards that suffered the direct impact of second homes should continue to be the recipients of funding mitigating the impact of second home ownership and demonstrating to the payers of the charge the use of the funds in the areas where they have their homes.

School Places

I attended a very informative presentation on Planning School Places on 20 July. The county has currently 61 schools and while rural areas cannot be treated in the same way as those in towns there is no doubt that there will be pressure to reduce the number and to federate schools. There is currently a substantial excess in the number of places in our schools. Greenhill School for example, has 29% excess place but that should be reduced in September when the school roll is expected to increase by 60. The ideal level of excess places is between 7.5-10%.


Ironman Wales has been postponed to 11 September 2022 due to current Covid-19 issues. PCC has signed a five-yea Host Agreement from 2022-2026 inclusive.

Electoral Roll

All residents are urged to ensure that they are registered to vote including 16 and 17-year olds, who are now eligible to vote in next year’s local elections.

  1. Planning

Building work at a property in Stepaside, which appears contrary to planning permission, is being investigated by Planning Enforcement.

20/0585/PA. Land adjacent to fern Villa, Llanteg, SA67 8QA. Proposal:  Demolition of outbuildings & construction of new house.  Amroth Community Council submitted no objection comments but following reports to the community council regarding surface water and flooding issues on the land, the comments have been amended to ask that this be investigated and taken into account before any decision is made.

This application also highlighted a time difference between the Community Council being informed of planning applications by email and residents being informed by post. Application notices that arrive immediately before a community Council meeting will be held to allow residents time to make their comments known to the Community Council and for these to be considered before the councils comments are submitted to the planning authority.

Groundwork at the back of a property on Cliffe Road has been reported to the Community Council. There appears to be no corresponding planning application. A query has been raised with PCNPA who have reported that it has been forwarded it to the Environment Agency for comment.

There is no update on Meadow House Caravan Park planning.

21/0153/PA The Haven, Pleasant Valley. SA67 8NY. Proposal; replacement dwelling. This application has been refused

20/0802/PA Camp Site, Pant Glas Farm, Tavernspite. SA34 0NS. Proposal, Siting of 36 self-catering units, associated infrastructure and ecological enhancement. Comments by 5th August 2021. 

Amroth Community Council have no objection to this application but are mindful that the population most likely to be affected by this application is in a neighbouring Council area. The Clerk has therefore forwarded the consultation to the Clerk of Lampeter Velfrey Community Council for comment.

Glastir Woodland Creation plan for Craig y Borion. This will involve planting 0.56 ha of native broadleaves trees as shown in the attached map. If you have any comments and/or queries about this plan, please contact Gus Hellier (; 07919 592770). Amroth Community Council have no objection to plans outlined in this consultation.

Woodsmoke Lodge, Stepaside. SA67 8NY. Amroth Community Council have received notice from PCNPA that they are investigating the erection of a large wooden structure at this property. No planning application has been received. 

  1. Correspondence
  • UK Forestry Standard review – stakeholder input sought  The four administrations of the UK are undertaking a review of the current UK Forestry Standard (UKFS). We are now seeking initial stakeholder feedback on potential changes to the technical content of the next version, due to be published at the end of 2022. The online consultation opened on 29 June and closes on 10 August 2021. The consultation can be accessed at:
  • Waste and Recycling Centres (WRCs) in the County.

A public consultation has launched. It follows examination of data that showed at some sites less than 30% of available slots at WRCS are being booked. Against a backdrop of ongoing changes to recycling legislation from the Welsh Government and increasing financial pressures, it is now timely to undertake a review of the WRCs. The consultation and full consultation document can be found here:

  • Pembrokeshire LDP and PCNPA LDP Joint Supplementary Planning Guidance on: 

Archaeology and Biodiversity 

and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Local Development Plan 2 Supplementary Planning Guidance on: 

Caravan, camping and Chalet Development, Parking Standards, Community Land Trusts and Affordable Housing, renewable energy and Sustainable Design and Development.

The final joint guidance was adopted at Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet meeting of 17 May 2021 and all the guidance listed above was adopted at the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s meeting of 5 May 2021.   

  The results of the public consultation and a copy of the guidance can be found on the  authorities’ websites at:  Supplementary Planning Guidance (LDP2) – Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and LDP Supplementary Planning Guidance – Pembrokeshire County Council

In some instances, the supplementary planning guidance replaces supplementary planning guidance documents as set out below.

Supplementary Planning Guidance Replaced by 
Pembrokeshire County Council’s Biodiversity (20 May 2014)Joint Supplementary Planning Guidance on Biodiversity – Adopted May 2021
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Caravan and Camping and Chalet Development (interim September 2020)Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Caravan, Camping and Chalet Development – Adopted May 2021
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Renewable Energy (interim in part September 2020)Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Renewable Energy – Adopted May 2021

For more information, contact Park Direction at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority call 01646 624800 or email

The joint documents are available to download from the Pembrokeshire County Council website (link provided above), and from the National Park Authority web site (link provided above) and can be viewed at the National Park Authority offices (when open to the public), Oriel y Parc (when open to the public) and on publicly accessible computers in public libraries where available.

  • A new round of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Sustainable Development Fund is now open.  The Fund is supporting community projects in and around the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park that contribute towards a reduction in carbon and help respond to the climate emergency.  We are looking to fund projects that can deliver one of three specific carbon reduction projects listed below. There is also a fourth option for community led project ideas that reduce carbon and can demonstrate how they help to mitigate the climate emergency.
  1. Install renewable energy generation facilities to a community building i.e. solar panels
  2. An initiative to promote reduction in carbon emissions in transport i.e. installing an electric charging point for bikes or cars or by supporting access to non-individual travel
  3. Install a community facility that minimises waste, i.e. water fountain
  4. Any other community-based carbon reduction initiative.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Friday 10th September.  Further information on how to apply and an application form can be downloaded by clicking on this link  Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) – Pembrokeshire Coast National Park which will take you to the Sustainable Development webpage.

  1. Finance as of 28 May 2021

Account 649 – 23,170.20

Account 856 – £15,193.90

David Rees  £1334.22 


Interest 0.38p


Clerks wages  

Dylan Harries – Internal audit £200

Bev Mills Expenses for the Wildflower project 

Payments for the new playground project.

All Payments were agreed 

  1. To discuss and resolve Asset and ward maintenance issues
  • PCC are still investigating who owns/ is responsible for the maintenance of the stone bridge at Wisemans Bridge Beach which is dangerous and in urgent need of repair. 
  • The road from Amroth Arms to Amroth Farm is very overgrown and needs cutting urgently. With the number of visitors on the road it is a health and safety issue. Agreed; The Clerk to report this to PCC.
  • The Clerk has again written to PCC requesting paint for the Bus stop in Summerhill and the toilets by Amroth Castle Caravan Park.
  • Speed monitor strips have been put in place around Amroth / Summerhill. 

1. In Summerhill, immediately opposite the bus stop. This is in the 30mph zone and at the point where you decelerate if turning down to Amroth.

2. In Amroth, on the rise between the Castle slipway and Toad Hall.

3. On the main road between Kilanow Farm and the Summerhill junction, directly opposite the main road sign.

4. Pleasant Valley in the 30mph zone. The Clerk has written to request these strips are moved to the delimited zone where speeding is an issue.

  • Since the removal of the waste bin from the Bus stop in Stepaside, there seems to be a lot more litter, especially dog waste. Agreed; The Clerk to request the bin is replaced.
  • Dust has been put on the road through Wisemans Bridge where the tarmac has been melting in the heat.
  1. Report By Amroth and District Community Association

 The hall is open, and clubs have resumed. 

  1.   Report by Llanteg Village Hall Committee

The hall is open, and clubs have resumed. 

9 tonnes of chippings donated by Carol and Sam Lander was transported free of charge by Paul Turpin for use in the Old School Garden, Llanteg.  The Community Council are most grateful for these generous actions. Funding from the PCNPA will support a pollinator project in the Old School Garden, Mountain Chapel, the Clay Pits and Stanwell Corner.

  1. Report by Summerhill Play Area Representatives
  • Work to install the new play equipment will start on 26th July and last for two weeks. The play area will be closed during this time for safety.
  • Repairs are being organised for the broken upright on the junior multigym. It has been taped off for safety. Paul Turpin has been asked to quote to carry out the repairs. Funding will be sought to replace this equipment even though the original plan was to keep it. The wood is rotting faster than anticipated.
  • Cllr Harvey attended a Play Wales Seminar which highlighted that much of the new equipment being installed in Summerhill is suitable for less able/disabled children to play, that play items can be incorporated into community green spaces and the importance of play to children’s health. Play Wales provide resources to help communities provide suitable play opportunities.
  1. Beach access and dog restriction byelaws

The dog restrictions on Amroth Beach are to protect the water quality and blue flag status, however every year many dogs and their owners stray on to the restricted section. In addition, access to the restricted area at the New Inn end of the beach is difficult for many and almost impossible for the less abled. The slipway is currently the only way for less abled dog walkers to access the restricted area at the New Inn end but this means crossing the restricted section.

Raising this with PCC, they responded to say that they will look at signage first to make sure visitors are aware of restrictions and ensure that the forthcoming enforcement process aligns with reasonable defences as to why visitors may have inadvertently walked into a restricted area. In addition, they will consult with officers as to whether they acknowledge the geographical challenges (access issues at the New Inn end) of the restrictions at Amroth and therefore be mindful of how they look at the enforcement process in that specific location.

All decisions are data driven with information from onsite officers and enforcement appeals and so if signage and enforcement were seen not to be working, then PCC Officers will meet with ACC to discuss future action.

  1. Bus service in the ward

Following a meeting with Cllr Phil Baker and Owen Roberts the following actions were agreed in the short term.

  • The connection between the 351 and the 222 will be advertised in the relevant timetables and on the destination displays for both buses.
  • Taf Valley will look at making the 12 trip ticket available on the Pembrokeshire Services. 
  • We will look at branding the vehicle to make it more attractive and eye-catching so it encourages people to use it. Perhaps we could put some of the Coastal Bus branding on it as it does serve and important section of the coast.
  • ACC will be sent timetable changes and will update the information at bus stops.

In the longer term, PCC will review suggested route/timetable changes to see what would be possible based on the current funding available.  

Cllr Harvey reported that Bus travel is free Friday to Monday in the Swansea City region during August and this should be supported across all authorities in the region. He also queried why train services between Carmarthen and Tenby were still operating on a restricted timetable. Agreed; Cllr Baron will raise this with Cllr. Paul Miller at PCC.

  1. Superfast Broadband

The presentation before the meeting highlighted the need for the new Superfast Broadband infrastructure as the current copper connections will become obsolete over time affecting both telephone and internet connectivity. Less than 7% of properties in Pembrokeshire receive full fibre. Most properties on upgraded services currently receive fibre to the green box then copper to the property. The new Superfast Broadband will mean fibre is connected to the property.

The funding from Welsh Government is time restricted, hence the need for interest locally to ensure the Amroth area is included. Businesses and private properties can register their interest without further commitment and Councillors urge you to do this for the benefit of the whole community.  See

As part of this project every supplier has to commit to installing full fibre which offers the CAPABILITY to provide 1000 Mbps ( Gigabyte technology ).

Packages then offered by the supplier may be different and in previous project areas the 100 Mbps package is typically £20 and is the one which the vast majority of people are taking advantage of. There are also 300 Mbps (£30), and 1000 Mbps packages ( £60 ) which about 1% of people have taken up.

  1.  Project ideas and Updates

A project group will meet to plan for the year ahead. Please forward any ideas of community benefit to the Clerk.

Amroth Free Wifi – Installation is likely towards the end of July

Exercise Jantzen – work on the interpretation board is ongoing

Historic road Signs Project – No further update

Wildflower Project – Volunteers are needed for preparation work in Summerhill on the 20th August and planting on the 23rd August. To take part please register via Summerhill Wildflower Meadow Planting 23 August 2021 or contact the Clerk.

Milestone Markers – Ruth Roberts contacted the clerk several months ago about getting the historic milestone markers protected. The Clerk will progress this project.

  1. Community matters
  • A letter was sent to Class 2 at Tavernspite school thanking them for carrying out a litter pick during a class visit to Amroth Beach
  • Cllr. Harries has priced up recycled picnic benches for the play area at £399 inc vat.
  • A reply has been received from the Charity Commission with guidance on the disposal of land. Councillors will investigate this further.
  • Cllr. Tippet-Maudsley reported that Llanteg Park is not signposted from the road. Agreed; The Clerk will contact PCC 
  • Building activity without the requisite planning approval seems to be increasing. The Community Council is obliged to report these when notified resulting in Enforcement action from the planning authority.
  • The Woodland Trust will be removing all trees from the area of land by Llanteg Park due to disease. The area will be replanted with broad leaf native species.
  1. Determine matters Councillors wish to be added for discussion at the next meeting
  • Please send through matters for discussion to the Clerk by Thursday August 12th 2021.
  1. Date of next Meeting is 19th August 2021

This will be via Zoom unless informed otherwise. Anyone wishing to observe online, please send your email address to The meeting closed at 9.40pm

If you would like to be kept informed as to information regarding matters affecting the parish, road closures, public consultations, sea defences etc please email the clerk and you will be put on our secure mailing list (GDPR compliant).