Community Council Business

The next meeting of Amroth Community Council will be held on

Thursday 18th July 2019 at 7.00 p.m. in Amroth Parish Hall.

(To view previous minutes please look on website and click on the Community Council dropdown list on Amroth.)

                                     AGENDA for Monthly Meeting

  • To deem the minutes of previous meeting as a correct document
  • To discuss and resolve matters arising from previous minutes
  • To confirm the County Councillors report
  • To discuss and resolve planning issues
  • To discuss all correspondence and reply as necessary
  • To discuss and resolve finance issues
  • Report by Amroth and District Community Association
  • Report by Llanteg Village Hall Committee
  • Discuss VE Day celebrations 2020
  • Other matters not on the agenda
  • To determine matters Councillor’s wish to be added to next meeting’s agenda
  • To confirm the date of the next meeting

Notice of appointment of the date for the exercise of electors’ rights

Amroth Community Council

Cyngor Cymuned Llanrath

Confirmed Minutes of meeting held by Amroth Community Council on Thursday 18th April 2019.

Councillors present:  P Davies; R Harries; M Harvey; J James; S Phillips (Chair); R Tippett-Maudsley,

In attendance: Mrs Kathryn Bradbury (Clerk); County Cllr Tony Baron, Mr Ryan Ennis, Mr Gerald Blain.

Apologies: F Evans; M Megarry                                                                                 

Register of Interest – None

Mr Ennis and Mr Bain met with ACC to discuss Councillors concerns about access to Tenby Tourers and the safety of the A477 in respect of resubmitting a planning application for Tenby Tourers in Llanteg. Mr Blain outlined their plans. Councillors explained their concerns about road safety on the A477.  A discussion took place and it was agreed that Mr Blain would speak to the Trunk Road Agency about making possible road improvements that would allow safer access to the site.

Chair’s Welcome

The Chair welcomed all Councillors to the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 21th March 2019 were agreed as a true record.

Proposed by Cllr. Roger Harries

Seconded by Cllr. John James

Signed by Cllr. S Phillips following completion of the meeting.

Matters arising from previous minutes;

  • Educational Charity of David Rees. It was suggested that a clear pencil case with contents or scientific calculator would be of value to Amroth students on their transfer to secondary education. Agreed; It was agreed to purchase a good quality scientific calculator
  • Update from PCC on parking changes/prevention on Amroth front to limit obstructions.

 The spaces to be marked near the New Inn are informal and have already been added to the works programme. The changes in the area by the shops, for additional disabled spaces, a loading bay and a change in the seaward side double yellow lines, from seasonal to operate all year round, will require advertising to see if there are any objections to these proposals. If the measures are unopposed then a revised Traffic Order can be made. These legal processes must be followed to allow future enforcement of the changes and so any changes are unlikely before late summer.

  • Cllr Pauline Davies gave a presentation on the Clean Sea’s project to the judges of the One Voice Wales Environmental Awards at their conference on the 28th March. She was successful and The Clean Sea’s Project won the Award against stiff competition. Press releases have been sent to the local and national press.
  • The comment about maintenance issues at Heritage Park were forwarded to K/BCC.  K/BCC Cllr Diane Lockley and Cllr Janet Ward visited the site and spoke to staff about the issues and requested that action be taken to improve safety.
  • Cllr Davies applied to the transport division of Welsh Government for brown tourist signs on the A477 for Amroth. Their reply set out the criteria needed for the approval of brown signs which included a genuine traffic management need, remoteness of the attraction/facilities and if directional signing to Amroth were not in place. They would, however, consider applications for individual tourist attractions in and around Amroth.  Agreed; Cllr Davies, with support from Cllr. Tony Baron, will draft a letter to Tegryn Jones at PCNPA asking for their support to apply for a brown tourist sign for the start of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Amroth.
  • Angela Burns AM has written to Ken Skates AM on behalf of ACC asking for improved safety measures on the A477 through Llanteg

County Councillors Report

  • Cllr. Baron reported that the EU LEADER Fund were still inviting applications from community groups. Agreed; Following discussion, a proposal was agreed to apply for an additional, permanent sign for Bertie with a fuller explanation of the environmental impact of plastic in the sea.
  • Applications are also invited for the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant via PCC.
  • Cllr Baron reported that he was still receiving concerned comments from residents living close to Heritage Park about the proposed expansion. A formal planning application has not been received as yet. PCC are investigating that the terms of the lease between PCC and the owners of Heritage Park are being complied with.
  • Cllr Baron has recently visited Greenhill School in Tenby and expressed his regard for the positive improvements being made.


18/1185/PA; 19 Summerhill, Stepaside, SA67 8LX. Proposal;Rear two-story extension. Comments by 15th March. Conditionally Approved

18/1139/PA Ruel Walls, Llanteg, SA67 8PU. Proposal; Alterations and extension. Conditionally Approved

NP/19/0177/S73 Little Whiteleys, Cliffe Road, Wisemans Bridge, Narberth. SA67 8NU. Variation of condition no 2 of application NP/17/0394/FUL.

Original Proposal; Demolition of existing porch, part of first floor walls and roofs. Provide new roofs with glazed wall below and first floor rear extension to provide upside down living accommodation. In addition, provide new first floor balcony & associated external works.

Condition(s) to be removed or changed:  Rationalisation of construction using lightweight sustainable materials, reducing embodied energy and load on foundations – section 73 application

 Condition to be varied: Replace proposed drawing sheet numbers ending with 53 003, 101, 102, 201, 301 & 302 with 55 003, 101, 102, 201to206, & 301 dated 26.03.2019. Comments; No Objection

NP/19/0188/FUL Moranedd, Amroth, Narberth, SA67 8NG. Proposal; Installation of external cladding, glass balustrades and new windows and doors. Comments by 19th April 2019. Comments; No Objection

  • Correspondence
  • Councillor Alan Davies has resigned for personal reasons, after serving over 30 years on Amroth Community Council. Councillors expressed their very grateful thanks to Cllr. Davies for his long service to the community.
  • The Finance Committee of the National Assembly for Wales is seeking information to inform its enquiry on consideration of proposals to amend the Public Audit (Wales) Act 2013  More information on the inquiry, including the terms of reference and how to respond is included in the consultation letter (PDF, 118KB).  The consultation closes on 3rd May 2019.
  • Following a very interesting and well attended talk in Amroth Parish Hall on Exercise Jantzen, ACC donated £100 to the History Shed Experience CIC. They have written to express their very grateful thanks.
  • Following correspondence about Exercise Jantzen, Jill Simpson from PCNPA wrote to say that they would be updating the information board in the car park which currently displays outdated information.
  • Planning Officers’ Society for Wales (POSW) town and community council survey

POSW is always looking for ways to help Local Planning Authorities provide a quality service and to do this, undertake an annual survey of customers of the planning service (i.e. members of the public and local/national agents) that have received decisions on planning applications in the previous year. The information gathered in these surveys has helped LPAs to understand the experiences of their customers, and to identify areas of good and bad performance. This information has fed directly into Annual Performance Reports delivered to the Welsh Government. 

The survey can be accessed at within a Local Authority and National Park are asked to complete a survey for each organisation. Comments can be made anonymously by 10th May 2019.

  • Local Development Plan 2 (LDP 2). Additional Candidate Sites Consultation 

10 April – 06 June 2019 (477 and 486)

 The Local Development Plan sets out a framework for determining planning applications and directing new growth in Pembrokeshire (excluding the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park).  The Council is working on a replacement plan and this consultation will help influence the final LDP’s content.

The Council is undertaking a seven-week consultation on the additional candidate sites that were received between 17 December 2018 and 04 February 2019. 

Only a small proportion of the entire Candidate Site Register will be selected for inclusion in the Deposit Plan based on the candidate site assessment methodology.

More information about these documents and the replacement Local Development Plan process can be viewed on the PCC website  Paper copies can be viewed at County Hall, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire libraries and contact centres within the County.

Comments on the consultation should be made using the additional candidate site comment form and returned to or Development Plans, Pembrokeshire County Council, County Hall, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1TP.

  • ACC have been invited by OVW to present the Clean Sea’s Project to delegates on the 10th July at the Innovative Practice Conference as part of a group session; highlighting how similar good practice might be undertaken within other Councils.


All financial matters were discussed and resolved.

Full available details on application to the Clerk

Review of Welsh Language

Councillors reviewed the current policy and agreed some modifications.

Review of Environmental Policy

Cllr Mark Harvey drafted an Environmental Policy for ACC. Councillors read through and discussed the points included in the policy. The Policy was unanimously adopted.

Update on Exercise Jantzen

  • The focus recently has been drafting the expression of interest for the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant scheme. Cllr Harvey explained the main points to be proved including community support for the project and how it will positively impact the community such as encouraging more visitors to make use of the facilities in Amroth and encouraging more interest in local history, especially among children.  Councillors thanked Cllr Harvey for his work to date

Report by Amroth and District Community Association

  • Bingo started again on the 5th April – ADCA are urgently looking for a new volunteer bingo caller.

Following an inspection by the Big Lottery, ADCA were commended on the progress made at the hall over the last ten years

Report by Llanteg Village Hall Committee

  • The Hall is very well used
  • Gardening club is very popular with recent visits to Stackpole and Colby gardens.
  • A craft afternoon is being organised on 22nd September at which local people can display their crafts in the hall.
  • Ludchurch show will take place on Friday 2nd August and is to be held in Llanteg Hall.
  • The art classes are going extremely well and there is a display of the art in the main hall.

Monthly Police meeting – 4th March

  • There is continued concern about oil tank thefts in the area. Residents are urged to secure tanks. 
  • Scams continue to be a problem. One alleging to be from HMRC and threatening serious legal consequences and one saying they are from PCC offering a refund on Council tax.
  • 67 motorcyclists have been killed or injured in Pembrokeshire in recent years.
  • Bicycles are being stolen locally
  • Forged £50 and £20 notes are circulating.
  • Police expect to be busier this year because of Brexit issues and more visitors to the area.

Matters to be added to agenda for next meeting


Date of next meeting   Thursday 23rd May 2019 at Amroth Parish Hall starting at 6.45 pm to include AGM

The meeting closed at 9.20 pm


Draft Minutes of meeting held by Amroth Community Council on Thursday 21th February 2019.

Councillors present:  P Davies; F Evans; R Harries; M Harvey; J James; R Lewis; M Megarry; M Morris; S Phillips (Chair); R Tippett-Maudsley,

In attendance: Mrs Kathryn Bradbury (Clerk); County Cllr Tony Baron

Apologies: A Davies; B James.                                                                                                  

Register of Interest – None

Chair’s Welcome

The Chair welcomed all Councillors to the meeting.

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 24th January 2019 were agreed as a true record.

Proposed by Cllr. Roger Harries

Seconded by Cllr. John James

Signed by Cllr. S Phillips following completion of the meeting.

Matters arising from previous minutes;

  • Over 30 residents attended last months meeting to express their concern regarding the development proposals for Heritage Park. Residents met with Cllrs Mary Megarry and Roger Harries and County Councillor Tony Baron. Their comments were collated and informed ACC’s response to the Statutory Pre-Application Consultation published by Heritage Park.
  • A meeting is to be arranged with Kilgetty/Begelly Community Council to discuss the proposed developments at Heritage Park. Heritage Park lies mainly in the Kilgetty/Begelly CC area while the residents it will affect reside mainly in Amroth CC area. Agreed; Cllrs Mary Megarry, Roger Harries and Stephen Phillips would attend with County Councillor Tony Baron and ACC Clerk. A date was suggested of Thursday 14th March at 6.30 pm, immediately prior to the monthly meeting of Kilgetty/Begelly CC. The Clerk is to write to KBCC with this suggestion and ask them to invite County Councillor David Pugh to attend also.
  • Obstructive parking is an ongoing problem on Amroth front and ACC have been in contact with PCC on this matter. A map showing possible parking restriction proposals on Amroth front has been received from Darren Thomas at PCC. Some modifications have been suggested by ACC and sent back to PCC for approval. A copy of the map is available from the Clerk.
  • Clare Williams, Assistant Transport Planner at PCC has written regarding the relocation of the 30mph sign at Summerhill to say that the delay is not just down to budget restrictions but more to do with the process required to alter a traffic order. This includes
  • Evidence of vehicle speeds in the vicinity of the proposed location (Speed survey was undertaken October 2018)
  • Support of the Police, as they are the Authority responsible for the enforcement.
  • Amendment to the existing order
  • Translation of variation order in to Welsh
  • Advertising amendments in the form of a variation order, which are usually done on block when a number are proposed, around twice a year.

A request has been forwarded to the Police for support, and this was followed up on 28/01/2019.

  • Gary Meopham has reported that ACC’s enquiry/ formal request regarding Amroth car park was reported at the PCNPA Property & Projects Group meeting on 7th February. It was noted that a paper on the subject of charging carparks is to be considered by Members at the next National Park Authority meeting on the 20/3/19. It would therefore be premature to offer any substantive comment on our enquiry in advance of that National Park Authority meeting.
  • Amroth Community Council have been very vociferous in their opposition to the introduction of charges in Amroth car park. Since the National Park Authority meeting is after the proposed introduction of car parking charges on 15th March, it is likely that any charges, if introduced, will be deferred to 15th March 2020
  • Auditor General Report – Key messages were reported to Councillors.

County Councillors Report

  • Cllr. Tony Baron has recently met with Tegryn Jones head of PCNPA and due to the ongoing discussions, it is unlikely that seasonal parking charges will be introduced this year. He raised the request for ACC to take on the car park on a repairing lease which he has also spoken to Board Member Cllr. Phil Baker about.
  • Cllr Baron attended a full council meeting to set Council tax for the year ahead. It was agreed to an 9.92% increase (or 1.89p/week per household for a Band D property) Cllr Baron commended Cllr Kilmister regarding his handling of the budget.  Priority will be given to education which is the future of the county. Books must be balanced therefor the increase is needed. £1m has been put into reserves for any unforeseen Brexit consequences.
  • Cllr Baron reported that the Welsh Local Government Association has warned that any future grants given to Wales either from the EU or Westminster are likely to be used in East Wales and the Valleys according to Welsh Assembly plans. This will further increase pressure on Council budgets.
  • Cllr Baron reported that a slippage in cost savings in the council was disappointing. The savings target was missed by £2.2m or 20%. This again increases pressure on council tax.
  • Cllr Baron was dismayed to learn that PCC has only had a budget of £4k to look after the historic buildings and walls in the county leading to a backlog or repairs under the council’s statutory duty. This has now increased to £61K as heritage attracts visitors to the county which brings in money. He indicated that Communities, including ACC could apply to the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant to protect heritage, benefitting both residents and visitors. The Application process is being looked at to make it less onerous to apply.
  • Councillors asked if it was possible to use the grant to pay for brown tourist signs? Cllr Baron thought this was possible although explained that because ACC are looking to place Brown tourism signs on the A477, the Trunk Road Agency would also have to give permission.
  • Cleddau Bridge charges – PCC are looking to Welsh Government to contribute, and inflation protect.
  • Cllr Baron has written to Darren Thomas at PCC supporting the parking proposals on Amroth front and asking for better parking enforcement to alleviate obstructions. ACC expressed thank to Cllr Baron for his support in this matter.
  • Cllr Baron has discussed the proposals for Heritage Park with Helen Mcloed-Baikie in PCC. She has agreed to visit the site.  Parking is becoming an issue as the carpark is no longer available. Helen confirmed that she has found no paperwork showing that PCC as landlord has given up any clauses of the Lease (2007) which state that the general public must have access at all time to car park and access roads. Helen will write to Heritage Park to ask about complying with terms of the lease. Heritage Park will need to prove any amendments or enforcement will take place.  
  • Councillors also reported that the Park was being used as permanent residences, again this is contrary to the lease agreement, although planning restrictions are for PCC to enforce, not the owner of Heritage Park. The owner must inform residents of the clause in lease. 

Pressure must be brought on PCC to enforce as the council may be losing out of council tax or second home owner tax. The register of residents needs to be inspected.

Cllr Baron stated that evidence is required – names, address and place of work of residents.

  • Cllr Baron reported that the playground by the bridge in Stepaside is being used by youths in the evening for drinking and there is also evidence of drug use. Cllr Baron is taking this up with Helen in PCC and PCSO Jim Moffatt under antisocial behaviour legislation. The playground could be locked overnight.


18/1086/PA  1 Kilgetty Lane, Stepaside, Narberth. SA67 8JL. Proposal; New access. Erection of double garage. Alterations to existing property and first floor extension. This application has been withdrawn.

17/1051/PA Llanteg Service Station, Llanteg, Narberth. SA67 8QD Proposal: Redevelopment of existing petrol filling station and car garage comprising demolition of existing pfs, garage buildings and adjacent bungalow and erection of replacement forecourt canopy, pump island, underground tanks, parking, landscaping and sales building including store, office, wc, convenience store and food outlet together with AT.M together with replacement industrial unit(B2/B8 use) for car garage. Conditionally Approved subject to a satisfactory new road layout to be agreed with SWTRA.

NP/19/0019/FUL Goetre Farm, Trelessy Road, Amroth Narberth. SA67 8PT. Proposal; Conversion of an existing stone barn to a linked holiday unit with a conservatory (Fully retrospective). Comments received by 27th February 2019. Comments; ACC feels strongly that the granting of retrospective planning applications should be discouraged.

Objection to be sent

18/1139/PA Ruel Walls, Llanteg, Narberth. SA67 8PU. Proposal; Alterations and extension. Comments by 4th March 2019. Agreed; No objections

NP/18/0650/DOC Foundry Point Caravan and Camping Ground, Wisemans Bridge, Amroth, Pembs. Proposal; Discharge conditions 6,8,10,11 and 12 of NP/17/0562/FUL. Following information received from Dyfed Archaeological Trust, Coal Authority and PCC Public Protection the PCNPA has granted partial discharge on condition 6 and full discharge on 8,10,11 and 12. All other conditions must be adhered to. The Coal Authority response indicated that further consent is required by separate Coal Authority Permit.

18/1130/PA Kilgetty Farm, Kilgetty Lane, Stepaside, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8JL Proposal; New Mast, Base Station and Associated Works. Comments by 6th March 2019 Agreed; No objections.


  • The Wales Co-operative Centre has organised several events on Co-operative and Community Led Housing (CCLH) networks. One takes place on Friday 8th March at Kidwelly Town Council.
  • Donation requests have been received from Paul Sartori Hospice at Home to help with their ongoing work, from Wales Air Ambulance, from Tenovus Cancer Care Charity and from Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. Agreed; ACC agreed that donations are only to be given to local causes applicable to the ACC area.
  • Pembrokeshire County Council is seeking views on its Draft Street Trading Policy.

Street Trading covers a wide range of retail and catering activities undertaken in public streets.

The aim of the policy is to ensure that the street trading function is delivered in accordance with legislative requirements and to ensure the needs of residents, businesses and visitors are met to assist with the regeneration of the County.

“The Authority is looking to create a street trading experience that is diverse, vibrant and adds to the social and cultural fabric of the County,” said Cabinet Member for Housing and Regulatory Services, Councillor Pat Davies.

A copy of the draft policy and application form is available from the Clerk and feedback on the policy can be given via e-mail on or post to: Pembrokeshire County Council, Policy, 2D County Hall, Haverfordwest, SA61 1TP.

             The deadline for replies is Wednesday 13th March 2019.

Agreed; Councillors felt that recent comments were not taken into account by PCC consultations (eg public toilet survey) so disinclined to respond to future surveys. This may explain lack of general public and community involvement in Pembrokeshire.

  • A Notice from Charles Carter

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) met recently to discuss the situation with the graveyard at St Elidyr’s Church.  Over 700 people are buried in the churchyard adjacent to St Elidyr’s and, without extensive work on an area beside and below the church, the graveyard will shortly become full.  The PCC decided that they were unable to find the funds to undertake this work.  We are fortunate in the parish to be able to use the graveyard at Crunwere.  It was therefore decided that when the current St Elidyr’s churchyard becomes full it will be closed to burials which require new graves.

We are still awaiting the decision from the Church in Wales as to what is to happen to the old Crunwere church.  Once that decision is made, we shall undertake repairs to the walls and fencing and carry out essential ground maintenance.  We will be looking for local support to maintain the graveyard as we do already at Amroth.

Unfortunately, Church rules deny the ability to reserve “future plots”, without there being quite exceptional circumstances.  The Churchwardens therefore felt we should alert local parishioners early as to the future of our two graveyards.  If anyone wishes to discuss this with the churchwardens, they will be delighted to explain the circumstances in more detail.

We will shortly be launching a “Friends of Amroth Church” to help fund some of the maintenance to keep our lovely church open and to help maintain the graveyards.  Please support us if you can.

  • One Voice Wales has sent the membership renewal notice. Agreed; renew membership
  • An email from Red Roses CC Clerk

Llanddowror and Llanmiloe Community Council and Red Roses Council, together with others in the area, have joined together to urge Ken Skates the Minister for transport in the Welsh Government to improve the A477 and make it safer.

Our particular areas of concern are the two junctions at Llanddowror and at Red Roses, so to the east of ACC area, but I am writing to see whether you would wish to add your voice to ours to make the road safer. We have obtained police accident data which indicates that there are as many reported accidents along the A477 as were along the old road, and of course any accident not only impacts upon the individuals concerned, but also has a wider impact upon the area with delays, potential lost income for businesses, and certainly giving a negative impression to any visitors, amongst other things. Please do get back to me if you wish to know more or be kept up to date on this.

Agreed; Councillors feel strongly that safety needs to be improved, especially at Red Roses where a proper junction is needed. Better lighting was also raised as was more visits by the speed camera van and locating it at different junctions. ACC are keen to be kept updated and are happy to add their voice to any lobby to make the road safer. The Clerk will respond as above.

  • A number of emails have been received raising concerns about road speed and safety on the road by the proposed spa and holiday accommodation at the old Stepaside Inn. This development is going to bring a lot of extra traffic and congestion to the road through Stepaside. Currently, the 30mph sign is situated just passed the old Inn. In light of development proposals residents have asked that consideration be given to the moving of the speed limit sign to the other side of the zig zag bend coming from Summerhill. Agreed; Clerk to contact PCSO Jim Moffatt and PCC asking for the sign to be moved.
  • From Mrs J Davies

I wish to express my concerns re the proposed planning development for the Heritage Park.
I am very concerned about the increase of traffic up and down Pleasant Valley. This road in places simply caters for a single line of traffic. During the winter months this just about serves its purpose of providing access to the residents along the route. However, there are two main sections which become very hazardous when the traffic increases during the weekends and summer months. I refer to the hill and bend by the chapel and at the end near Pleasant Valley caravan park. Both of these are very dangerous because it involves a hill with a blind bend. If you meet oncoming traffic at either place and someone needs to reverse, it is very difficult and dangerous because of the lack of visibility for a clear manoeuvre.
If this development proceeds these two areas listed above will become extremely dangerous due to the increase of traffic it will no doubt bring. Agreed; Clerk to raise the matter with PCC and PCSO Jim Moffatt

  • Notice from PCC re surface dressing of roads in the area, program for 2019. C3026 – Llanteg Tel Ex – 30MPH sign in Tavernspite. Also C3185 from Pen-y-Bont along the old main road through Stepaside to Kilgetty.
  • The Secretary to the Independent Remuneration Panel has, in accordance with the requirements of Section 147 of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011, sent a link to the IRPW’s Annual Report, February 2019 and a covering letter from the Chair, Mr John Bader.  This has also been sent to the Minister for Housing and Local Government and other interested parties. Section 13 relates specifically to Community and Town councils.

 Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales: annual report 2019 to 2020


Payments in February

Clerks wages

Hire of Llanteg Hall

Hire of Amroth Parish Hall for Exercise Jantzen talk and meetings in January

Gideon Petersen for Bertie movement

External Auditors invoice for £311.75

One Voice Wales membership renewal £229 – based on 717 chargeable dwellings

OVW Clerks Training


MHPA for transporting of Bertie

All financial matters were discussed and resolved.

Full available details on application to the Clerk

Review of ACC Asset register

Councillors reviewed the Asset Register. It was agreed to include the tree sculpture and the pillar at start of coastal path.

Report by Amroth and District Community Association

  • Excellent talk on Monday re Exercise Jantzen

Report by Llanteg Village Hall Committee

  • Newsletter reports to be submitted by 15th April
  • A full programme of Community walks has been arranged by Jill Roberts
  • Art classes are held every two weeks with increasing membership
  • The new Gardening Club is attracting a lot of members 20 – 30. Next meeting on 27th Feb at 7 pm. Arranged by Roy James.
  • The Hall has some spaces available for booking.
  • Cllr James complimented Cllr Mary Megarry on her work as Llanteg Village Hall treasurer.

Monthly Police meeting

  • 4th Feb, Dafydd Llewellyn attended. His job is to hold the Chief Inspector to account. His main objective in 2018 was to increase CCTV camera’s and 117 had been installed across the Dyfed Powys area. He has started a Youth Forum with the first meeting held on 14th December. Looking for re Election in 18 months
  • New senior officer is Chief Inspector Louise Harries
  • Drive by Cameras will travel past the Co op in Kilgetty due to continuing parking issues
  • Caution when purchasing clothes online as maybe from dubious sources
  • 1189 Police officers in force area with a new intake of 22 officers in March and September respectively.
  • Lead stolen from St Ishmaels church in Saundersfoot to a value of £6k
  • Gate thefts and Oil thefts continue
  • Red Toyota Van selling tools. Beware
  • Speed signs at Summerhill relocation is imminent.

Exercise Jantzen

Cllr. Mark Harvey is lead on the proposal to publicise Exercise Jantzen. He reported;

  • Excellent talk by Tony Jukes – 60 attended on Monday 18th. Very enjoyable evening. Brought back memories for a few people. A lot of the history around is decaying so it will be good to have a worthy memorial in Amroth or Wisemans Bridge.
  • There are four reels of film in Imperial War Museum covering Exercise Jantzen. Lots of information to build the story but limited photographs.
  • Imperial War Museum can take still photographs from film at cost of £45 per A 5 sized image, also available digitally.  Licensing fees may also apply if used commercially.
  • There are already some Information boards in Llanelli and Saundersfoot have boards put in by Hean Castle. These are big and angular but at low level so does not block view. Asked Sign Speed and Sign Box to quote.
  • Include map so visitors can relate to pictures.
  • Only so much information can fit on a board so QR codes (for use with smart phones) can expand information. Mark is already experimenting with these which can give more information about the part Amroth area played in the preparations for the “D” day landings.
  • ACC are looking at establishing a main information Board by the outfall in Amroth to inform locals and visitors about Exercise Jantzen, with possibly additional subsidiary boards at various locations, directing visitors to the main display.
  • Suggestion to access Enhancing Pembrokeshire grant to support the project.
  • Councillors agreed that Tony Jukes did an excellent presentation and agreed a donation towards the proposed museum in Kidwelly. Clerk to contact for payment details.
  • Councillors thanked Mark for all the work done so far.

Matters to be added to agenda for next meeting

  • Review of ACC Financial Regulations

Any other or Urgent Business

  • Road subsidence on Amroth front. Clerk to follow up.
  • Spare bin to be located by the Bus shelter in Llanteg.
  • 4 new seats going into the Memorial Garden. Old seat going to Stanwell and one by the bus shelter in Llanteg.
  • Light on A477 opposite Pen y Bont – Clerk to follow up.
  • Coastal path between Wisemans Bridge to Amroth – trees down path needs clearing. Clerk to contact PCNPA.
  • Stiles in Summerhill in poor condition. Councillor Harvey has contacted PCC re replacement. The Council are looking into replacement.
  • Councillors agreed that the charge for leasing a memorial seat is now £700.

Date of next meeting   Thursday 21st March 2019 at Amroth Parish Hall starting at 7.00 pm

The meeting closed at 9.20 pm n