Community Council Business

The next meeting of Amroth Community Council will be held on

Thursday 13th December 2018 at 7.00 p.m. in Llanteg Village Hall


  • To deem the minutes of previous meeting as a correct document
  • To discuss and resolve matters arising from previous minutes
  • To confirm the County Councillors report
  • To discuss and resolve planning issues
  • To discuss all correspondence and reply as necessary
  • To discuss and resolve finance issues
  • To discuss visit by Cabinet Member for Finance on 12th December 2018
  • Update on Amroth car park seasonal charging issue
  • Report by Amroth and District Community Association
  • Report by Llanteg Village Hall Committee
  • Other matters not on the agenda
  • To determine matters Councillor’s wish to be added to next meeting’s agenda
  • To confirm the date of the next meeting