Grow Fresh 2021


Welcome back to Grow Fresh and hopefully another good year for flowers and home grown fruit and vegetables.

Share seeds, plants and any excess produce throughout the growing season, including home made chutneys and jams.

Clearly label anything you may leave on the shelves.

Check frequently to see what might be available.

It’s all free! No money involved.

Tell your friends and neighbours and encourage our children to take part.

We have permission to do this on the proviso that it is only garden seeds, plants and produce that is left in the shelter.


SUMMERHILL:  The hamlet of Summerhill stands a mile north west of Amroth. Its centre includes the former primitive Methodist Chapel, now a private residence, a bus stop, and a heritage panel. Businesses include camping and caravan sites. The focal point of the village is the Parish Hall which opened in January 2009. This has been an outstanding achievement which provides a wide range of activities every day of the week. Legend has it that in the dim and distant past, farmers drove their cattle up to higher pastures in the better weather, hence Summerhill.

Photos courtesy of John Ball, Gary Davies.