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The map on the right shows the five villages of Amroth Parish Please click on the map
for a larger image. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey

The five villages of Amroth and District Community Association

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Taflen friffio i wirfoddolwyr: Tymor y ffliw 2015/16
Volunteers Briefing Flu Season 2015/16


Well-being Survey

Public service providers across West Wales are working together to assess the state of well-being of local people and communities, now and for the future.

Many factors can influence the well-being of individuals and communities, such as economic, environmental and social factors.

It is really important for us to find out what YOU think affects your well-being, as well as that of those around you.

We would be grateful if you could share your views on well-being by taking some time to complete and return our survey.

Download Survey Here

We will also be working with groups in the local area to make sure we find out about the views of as wide a range of people as possible. If you would like to take part in one of these groups, you are asked to provide your contact details as part of the survey. If you do provide your contact details we will only use them for this purpose.

The information will be used to inform a Pembrokeshire Well-being Assessment, which will be used by local public service providers to put together a Well-being Plan for Pembrokeshire (by April 2018).

Sarah Worby, Corporate Communications Officer 01437 775263

Arolwg Lles

Mae darparwyr gwasanaethau cyhoeddus ledled Gorllewin Cymrun gweithio gydai gilydd i asesu cyflwr lles pobl a chymunedau lleol, nawr ac ir dyfodol.

Gall sawl ffactor ddylanwadu ar les unigolion a chymunedau, megis ffactorau economaidd, amgylcheddol a chymdeithasol.

Maen hin wirioneddol bwysig inni ganfod beth ydych CHIn feddwl syn effeithio ar eich lles, yn ogystal r eiddo'r rhai och cwmpas.

Fe fydden nin ddiolchgar petaech chin medru rhannu eich barn ar les trwy neilltuo ychydig o amser i gwblhau a dychwelyd yr holiadur.

Download Arolwg Lles

Fe fyddwn ni hefyd yn gweithio gyda grwpiau yn y dalgylch er mwyn sicrhau ein bod yn canfod barn cymaint o bobl ag sydd bosib. Os hoffech chi gymryd rhan yn un or grwpiau hyn, gofynnir ichi roi eich manylion cyswllt fel rhan or holiadur. Os byddwch yn rhoi eich manylion cyswllt, dim ond ar gyfer y pwrpas hwn fyddwn nin eu defnyddio.

Caiff y wybodaeth ei ddefnyddio i gyfarwyddo Asesiad Lles Sir Benfro, a fydd yn ei dron cael ei ddefnyddio gan ddarparwyr gwasanaethau cyhoeddus lleol i osod Cynllun Lles Sir Benfro at ei gilydd (erbyn Ebrill 2018).

Sarah Worby, Swyddog Cyfathrebu Corfforaethol 01437 775263

1800s and early 1900s


You may have noticed the picture of a boy from a long gone age as you walk
along the Strand in Saundersfoot or by the front in Amroth.
We have called him TOMOS, and he was one of the young boys growing up
in Saundersfoot Bay when it looked quite different from the way it is known
and enjoyed today.

Over the last two and a half years, the Saundersfoot Bay Heritage and
Regeneration Trust, have worked to revive the Bay’s local history and
heritage; initially focussing on the vast industrial wealth and development of
Saundersfoot and its Bay, created by the mining of COAL.
Coal seams can still be seen on the beaches, especially on the stretch
between Amroth and Wiseman’s Bridge. This precious commodity in its day,
was formed millions of years ago from forests which are now submerged by
the sea. The remains of these forests can still be seen at low tide on Amroth

The story of coal and its impact on Saundersfoot Bay is a fascinating and
interesting story. There are several projects planned in Saundersfoot to
promote and safeguard the area’s industrial past, and one way we have
begun to capture this particular period of history is through an INFORMATIVE
WALK which takes in the key sites (still very evident today). The long circular
Walk - BLACK route (about 9 miles), begins at Saundersfoot Harbour and
takes the walker on an interesting and varied route around the Bay. Our
character TOMOS, shows you the way, and helps to create a picture for you
of the Saundersfoot Bay as it was in his life time, in the late 1800’s. For those
of you preferring a shorter, easier walk, simply follow the GREEN route. (This
one is also accessible for wheelchairs or pushchairs.)

*We are planning a permanent exhibition to be housed at Colby Woodland
Garden (above the Bothy Tea-room), which will promote the history of Colby,
in particular the significant impact of the Coal Industry both at Colby and the
surrounding area. If you have any information /stories from grandparents or
family /artefacts or anything that you feel may be of interest that could be
included in the exhibition, we would love to hear from you.
Please contact:

email: or phone: 07966792752
For further information on the Walk, information and directions to download,
please contact:

Amroth Parish Hall's facilities now include: fully fitted kitchen, public address system with DVD/CD player, projector and screen with facility for “Powerpoint “presentations etc, spotlights, induction loop, Wireless Broadband, full disabled access and toilet, parking and toilets. The ideal venue for parties, live music, conferences, wedding receptions etc. Please click here for prices.

BT have announced that the upgrading of the Saundersfoot exchange to improve Broadband speed in our not-spot areas is due to be completed by the 31st January 2013. We will keep you posted on developments.

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